Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse

by The Crying Scene

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This diy, lo-fi recording is a Christmas present to my Mum, because I have no money. It features all of my brothers and sisters somewhere, so we are now kind of an indie-family band.

Merry Christmas mum, one day I might buy you nice things (if people buy this x)

It was recorded over the autumn of 2016 in my bedroom, conservatory and kitchen using a usb microphone, acoustic guitar and an old casio keyboard I found hidden behind a wardrobe.

For Arty and Dino.

Produced by Michael Bell.

The Crying Scene are: Taylor, Lauren, Logan, Holly & Evan Johnson & Aaron Milligan

The Crying Scene would like to thank: mum & dad, Michael Bell for all his hard work, Gerry Norman for the inspiration and writing pretty much all of 'Bedrumor', the legal team behind 'Little Miss Sunshine' for not suing & anyone who takes the time to listen to this record or makes memories with it.


released January 3, 2017

Taylor Johnson: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, casio keyboard
Logan Johnson: Cajon drum, vocals
Holly & Evan Johnson: Backing Vocals

All songs written by Taylor Johnson except 'Mikayla-Anne' (Mitchell McDonough) and 'Bedrumor' that was co-written by Gerry Norman



all rights reserved


The Crying Scene Castlerock, UK

bedroom-band with a heart.

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Track Name: Grandpa
"We're gonna take him with us...he's better off with us than these people"
Track Name: Plano, TX
I'll take my queue from Plano, Texas
Relate it to a boy confused and lonely
The real world outside my bedroom window
Can't get in here I've pulled the blinds closed

I don't feel like me...

Distract me til I fall asleep again, I get upset overthinking when I can't make my own mind up

I'll never make my own mind up

I hoped by this stage that I'd know better & wouldn't think about my past this much (or my future!)

There's no check-list to being happy, no instant karma that you can touch

I don't feel like me...
Track Name: Everytime I Discover The Meaning Of Life (They Change It)
None of my friends are in bands anymore
One of them's dead and one's got divorced
& it's really scaring me, everything's scaring me
I'm nearly 23 and not where I'm supposed to be

I don't go out that much anymore, I stay in my room and play the guitar & look at empty picture frames, my mum thinks it's a shame
I took your picture out and I can't even say your name

Don't make me drive home and save my despair
It's 3 in the morning this is not getting better
Remember walking to your front door
It eats me up

Kids my age are killing themselves
Higher rates of depression and failing mental health
This is not meant to be, don't bring this back to me
I'm not qualified to make grueling social commentary...
Track Name: Should Have Kissed Her
There was a time when I'd thought about thinking
More than I ever thought about you

you got me when I was lost and I'm still lost
I just hope you can stay in my dreams

love, can you tear us apart again?
Til I don't know where I've been
Can you tear me apart again?

Every fight that I win's against time
The kid you loved's on the rocks, in decline

maybe you should have kissed her that night
underneath the silent earth and your fright
Track Name: Probably Dreaming
I dreamt last night that we were in a caravan and the whole world was on fire

(but you were holding my hand, so honestly it didn't seem that bad!)

Spent all night analyzing what it meant, where you are now and what you'd do if I said

(That you were holding my hand and honestly it didn't seem that bad!)

Take off you clothes and sing with me, the world is ending but we got it for free

We'll never know just what it meant, or where you are but I will never forget

You & me & our friend Scott, probably dreaming, but possibly not

I realise now that I have always loved you, I always have but now I'll never have too

(but you were holding my hand, so honestly it didn't seem that bad!)

This dream it ended quite abruptly, you laughing and me saying sorry

For ruining most of your life, in my day dreams you are my American Wife

Take off you clothes and sing with me, the world is ending but we got it for free

We'll never know just what it meant, or where you are but I will never forget

You & me & our friend Scott, probably dreaming, but possibly not...
Track Name: Bedrumor
I thought I saw your smile but I saw your frown.
And I hate to be the one to always bring ya down.
But I came to see what belongs of me in this empty place, your bedroom.

Four years older now and it's still the same
Not a trace of you and just myself to blame
But she moved away, my static dream replayed
Until I just forget, or you come back

I'm in love with you.
I know i mean it too
It's only the beginning of a song I keep on singing.

You're in love with me
You see but honestly
It was only the beginning
Of a lie you kept on spinning

That feeling again's locked inside her chest
Where she used to love, but now she's just depressed
Says she can't go on, trips over words from songs
That weren't meant for her, but they are now

Where the fuck were you when I fell apart?
Only care about yourself not my beating heart
Hide behind your words, your poetic verse
Burn my letters, you don't deserve them
Track Name: Freudian Slip pt.3
Nothing is real anymore & now I think, it never really was before her

This universe rarely shifts, but when it does it forms a Freudian Slip.

In my mind you may find a Northern song in the shape of you
Track Name: Mikayla-Anne (Mitchell McDonough cover)
She wore our dad's jacket when she wanted to touch the stars.
She'd stand on her tiptoes and swear to me that it's not that far.
I remember the constellations.
I remember everything.
I remember the cadence of your mouth quivering
It was 40 degrees in Northwest Texas and we were shivering.

I always admired how your smile on Sunday nights
didn't disappear into the morning;
you're beautiful and dignified.
I look up to your compassion,
I don't think I ever told you that.
Maybe when I get home we can argue again about the thermostat.
I'll support you all across the world if you promise to give me a map.

There's thousands of miles out there,
yet we grew up just inches apart.
I'm smiling while I write this,
I hope you're smiling wherever you are,
because you deserve it, because you're worth it.
you are.
Track Name: You Can't Know Everything, I Don't Know Anything
She said that maybe we were born in the wrong time
I said "yes, you're probably right"
I asked why she always settled for silver
She just shrugged, you're better than that

She's every shimmer that I saw from the windows
She's every second that could never speed up
She's the first party that I've ever been too
The swinging chair in the patio, one joint was never enough

My reflection won't look away
She's the only one wants to stay
You're still holding my hand or maybe you're not

If you taught me anything it was something I forgot
Track Name: the thrash particle (modern baseball cover)
"You two are so annoying..."